Merchant Market - Rochester Michigan

The Italian Cooks

Although we started our company in 2016, our family cooking traditions date back hundreds of years to the town of Lanciano, Italy. Our original recipe is based on 'Grandma T's sauce' made with fresh herbs and vegetables she hand-picked from her garden.

Our mission is to bring the true Italian flavors and tradition of cooking from scratch to your kitchen.

Fresh, Homemade Sauce

We believe a meal is best shared with close friends and family (and maybe a little vino). The Italian Cooks can provide you with all the right ingredients for a successful homemade Italian meal prepared in your own kitchen!

From Italy to Michigan, our sauce recipes are passed down from family and close friends. We are grateful for those who have given us a lifetime of homemade meals so we are happy to share our pasta sauces with you, that's the Italian way! You can find our sauce in local stores or serve it in your restaurant!