Merchant Market - Rochester Michigan

Beau Bien Fine Foods



Since 2010, Beau Bien Fine Foods has been producing world-class preserves and condiments with Michigan’s finest fruit. Using classic foundations and principles of preservation, we have created our recipes to combine flavors that we find exciting and relevant to the modern palate and pantry.

We work directly with regional farmers to choose the highest quality fruit available. We craft each flavor in small batches, taking time and care to make sure every jar meets the highest standards of quality.

Our company calls Detroit home, where we are part of a vibrant group of fellow food entrepreneurs dedicated to fostering a community of cooperation and collective growth. We couldn’t ask for a better place to build a business.


“My connection with home-grown food and farmer’s markets is lifelong; my grandfather was a farmer, and I used to be his helper at the markets when I was a kid. In middle and high school, I studied French, and became curious about cooking so I could attempt to make some of the foods we were learning about in class. A few years later, armed with my French degree from Michigan State, I spent a year teaching in Toulouse, France, where my love of cooking blossomed.

After returning from Toulouse, I spent a decade playing in various Detroit rock bands before “retiring” and shifting my creative energies towards food writing and cooking. In many ways, the artisan food movement has several parallels with the music scene in its vibrance, creativity, and tight-knit community, so I feel right at home!

As I often prefer savory to sweet foods, it was important for me to create products that pair well with foods I love. I wanted Beau Bien to appear not just on breakfast tables, but also alongside cheeses, cured meats, on sandwiches and in creative home cooking.

For me, locating in Detroit post-college was a wise move. I discovered how easily exceptional ingredients can be found here; in fact, Michigan is one of the nation’s largest producers of berries and tree fruits. I also loved the idea of using local ingredients to help transform Michigan’s once-faltering economy. I’m committed to supporting our city and our farming partners, and I know that Beau Bien’s success can help accomplish both.”

Beau Bien Fine Foods can now be found at better grocers, boutiques, cafés and wine shops throughout the state. We’ve enjoyed delighting palates, and are happy to welcome our many returning customers and meet new faces at our Eastern Market tasting room. We’re proud of our work and we look forward to adding our beautifully well-made recipes to your table.